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A few random but key questions

Most of you are already aware of this, but for those of you who haven't been on AIM: I've started a rough draft for a stand-alone episode of no particular position in the season except pre-return-of-Catalina. But there's a few things I wanted to ask the comm about.

One: Harlan and Radu. tragic_elegance sasa_kun mentioned that we were going to sort of re-open hostilities on Harlan's part toward Radu, preferably early in the season. Are we going to do this in the first episode or later-ish? I kind of need to know so I can characterize their relationship appropriately.

This of course leads to question two:

Two: Who's writing the first episode? Has anyone claimed this one yet? Do we have a few plot ideas even?

I'm already ankle-deep in the age-swap fic arinye and I are doing. It's not really what I or probably anyone else had in mind for a suitable season opener but it could be theoretically made to be one, including the falling-out between Harlan and Radu, if need be. But if somebody has something more suitable in mind, please let the comm know.

We're basically at the point now where we need to kind of start drafting episodes, or at least writing up summaries/pitches so we can start constructing the order and flow of the season. We have our major themes for the series: Harlan and Radu's relationship; Goddard and Reaver's relationship and confrontation, and bringing Catalina back, preferably while there's still a few episodes left to include her in. We also need the "filler" episodes - stand-alone pieces with self-contained plots that touch here and there on the secondary plots.

The Harlan and Radu thing shouldn't be too difficult to work into things, but as it will be continuity-heavy, our first drafts of things will probably have to be somewhat vague-ish, then worked in editing as we pull everything together.

I know tekiclutch had some ideas for the episodes with Goddard and Reaver, specifically an original character. I also have a few ideas about this two-parter in the FWIW department. I'll leave it to Teki to bring her character to the table when she feels ready to. Also, is this plot what we had in mind as well for the season finale? We could have the two-part confrontation between them in the middle of the season, then wrap it up as the last one. Depends on what people want to do, and this is pretty far ahead so we have time to think about it.

Nobody's really said anything specific about Catalina. We need at least one full episode dedicated to this plot, re-establishing contact with her and bringing her back from Yensid to the Christa. Any takers?

Hear ye, hear ye!

The Space Cases Wiki is open for business! Come one, come all!


Well, the meeting went okay. Unfortunately aim decided to be a pain and everyone got booted before we could save the conversation. I'll post a summary of what we talked about tomorrow.

We thought that it would also be good to hold another meeting tomorrow in order to recap on everything we talked about today.


episode pitch

This is particularly for arinye since it some of it was her idea and we will be working on it together, but I thought I'd post it up and see what everyone thinks.

Space Cases - Virtual Season

Stand-alone episode - drama, action/adventure

SummaryCollapse )

Creative Team

In order to facilitate smooth production on this project, we're going to need to develop a creative team. Each person should be assigned a role or two, depending on their strengths. This will mostly be voluntary, so just let us know what you think you'd be best at. Absolutely nothing is being done at the moment. This post is mainly for everyone to post what they'd like to do technical wise. The positions go thusly:

Writers: They write stuff.
Editors(interchangeable with writers. In fact it would be best for writers and editors to switch out. That way, the editors know what's happening on a more personal level)
Technobabble: aka, lorist. Contribute mainly to the fine details. This will most likely be everyone, but some people will have a specialization (ie: Arinye's linguistic knowledge)

Artists: For anything comic wise.

Penciler: Makes pencil drawings of pages
Inker: Inks said pencils
Toner/Color (depending on preference of person): Colors tones in inks.
Letterer: Adds in dialogs bubbles and such.

It may also be a good idea to put all of this onto a website of its own, so that anyone can enjoy it.

Website designer:
Website programmer:

More likely than not there will be more than one of everything, so absolutely no one, who wants to participate, will be left out.


Meeting Tomorrow - Time?

So we should probably still meet tomorrow, even though some people are still iffy.
I'll be on AIM from 7PM EST, and once there's a good amount of people (like 4 or so), I'll open a chat room or something.
Sound good?

Online Meetup: Potential Times

The days that I've figured will work best for everyone are Sunday and Monday. The best time would be 8PM EST. Which day would work best for who?

There was also a mention of meeting up this Saturday; would that be a better thing for people?

Because of the difference in available times (and blaze_rocket being in Japan), everyone might not be able to make a meeting, but we plan on posting the meeting transcript on the comm so that people who weren't there would be able to read and make comments about it.

The season in broad strokes

We're starting to pull this together, but do we know how we want the season to flow, more or less?

For example, somethng like:

1. Season opener - casual episode with set-up of setting, mood and the story arc somewhere toward end
2. Action/adventure stand-alone piece
3. Comedy stand-alone piece
4. Another action-adventure stand-alone with minor story-arc elements
5. Light Drama stand-alone
6. Heavy Drama Part One of Two, story-arc
7. Heavy Drama Part Two of Two, Story-arc
8. Comedy stand-alone piece
9. Light Drama stand-alone
10. Action/adventure stand-alone
11. Action/adventure mostly stand-alone, some story-arc
12. Light drama stand-alone
13. Heavy Drama Part One of Two, Story-arc, TBC

We can ditch general descriptions and start filling in slots as we come up with summaries/drafts for actual episodes of course and move things around. Does anybody else have any ideas on how to sort things out? This one is basically modeled off the X-Files' general season-progression which I am familiar with, but obviously there's more than one way to skin a cat.


Speaking of age-swapping episodes, did we ever find out what the melded Nine-Stein's "additional modifications" to the Christa at the end of "Forever Young" were?

It might be something useful for a story anyway. Just a thought.

Episode Ideas

Since it looks like we're almost ready to go to work on this thing, I was wondering if we should start brainstorming about ideas for episodes. I was thinking we can post our ideas in a brief summary as a reply to this post. Then when we get together on aim, we can discuss what we want to do, what order we want to go in, and how we want to go about it.

As far as the aim conference goes, how does this Saturday sound? I can't be on any later than 2:30pm pacific time, just to let everyone know.