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Hear ye, hear ye!

The Space Cases Wiki is open for business! Come one, come all!


Well, the meeting went okay. Unfortunately aim decided to be a pain and everyone got booted before we could save the conversation. I'll post a summary of what we talked about tomorrow.

We thought that it would also be good to hold another meeting tomorrow in order to recap on everything we talked about today.


Creative Team

In order to facilitate smooth production on this project, we're going to need to develop a creative team. Each person should be assigned a role or two, depending on their strengths. This will mostly be voluntary, so just let us know what you think you'd be best at. Absolutely nothing is being done at the moment. This post is mainly for everyone to post what they'd like to do technical wise. The positions go thusly:

Writers: They write stuff.
Editors(interchangeable with writers. In fact it would be best for writers and editors to switch out. That way, the editors know what's happening on a more personal level)
Technobabble: aka, lorist. Contribute mainly to the fine details. This will most likely be everyone, but some people will have a specialization (ie: Arinye's linguistic knowledge)

Artists: For anything comic wise.

Penciler: Makes pencil drawings of pages
Inker: Inks said pencils
Toner/Color (depending on preference of person): Colors tones in inks.
Letterer: Adds in dialogs bubbles and such.

It may also be a good idea to put all of this onto a website of its own, so that anyone can enjoy it.

Website designer:
Website programmer:

More likely than not there will be more than one of everything, so absolutely no one, who wants to participate, will be left out.


Meeting Tomorrow - Time?

So we should probably still meet tomorrow, even though some people are still iffy.
I'll be on AIM from 7PM EST, and once there's a good amount of people (like 4 or so), I'll open a chat room or something.
Sound good?

Online Meetup: Potential Times

The days that I've figured will work best for everyone are Sunday and Monday. The best time would be 8PM EST. Which day would work best for who?

There was also a mention of meeting up this Saturday; would that be a better thing for people?

Because of the difference in available times (and blaze_rocket being in Japan), everyone might not be able to make a meeting, but we plan on posting the meeting transcript on the comm so that people who weren't there would be able to read and make comments about it.

Episode Ideas

Since it looks like we're almost ready to go to work on this thing, I was wondering if we should start brainstorming about ideas for episodes. I was thinking we can post our ideas in a brief summary as a reply to this post. Then when we get together on aim, we can discuss what we want to do, what order we want to go in, and how we want to go about it.

As far as the aim conference goes, how does this Saturday sound? I can't be on any later than 2:30pm pacific time, just to let everyone know.