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Greetings from a Newcomer!

I'll begin by saying that this is a brilliant idea!  I'm sorry to see that it's been rather dead for the last few years but such inconveniences have yet to halt the Space Cases love!  I'm an English major who would love to contribute somehow to the Space Cases fandom here so if someone wouldn't mind giving me a brief rundown as to what stage this community is at (any rough episode layouts, what literary style are we aiming for, what rating etc).  I wouldn't mind doing some of the episode writing but it'd be best if one or two people looked over the finished product to make sure I stayed in character and got all the details right (I'm still rediscovering this show ^^).  As long as I have a basic layout I can probably write a few episodes.

What do you guys think?  I look forward to hearing from you and hope we can all work together to make this the spectacular creation it could be!
Is anybody still working on any fic/art as a result of this mess? I'm just curious, I realize this thing kinda died in the womb. :(

I have half a story that's still writers-blocked to hell but I'm hoping to eventually finish it. Anybody else got anything floating around their hard drive?



*clears voice*



Okay, now that I have your attention, the holidays and finals are over so maybe now we can start working on this again? I'm still trying to finish my age-swap fic (the writer's block, ugh!) so how is everyone else coming along? What do we want to focus on at the moment, are there any questions, comments, ideas? Etc Etc. Well you get the idea. I just kind of want to get the ball rolling again before people forget this place exists completely


Roll call/progress report

Just so people don't forget this place exists...

1. who is still around? I realize people are busy this time of year, so don't feel bad if you haven't posted lately. I just kinda want a head count, so to speak.

2. What are you currently working on? (or not working on, as the case may be)

I've still got my age-swap story I'm trying to write on. Haven't gotten too much progress due to a case of writer's block, but I haven't given up. :P

I know at least a couple other folks are working on something, so speak up! XD


story idea! + consultation

I just thought of a great story idea! (While cleaning silverware, an exciting endeavor -_-;)

What if the Casers get messages from a group of citizens warning that a malevolent empire is going to attack their small planet, and they keep trying to communicate back and tell them all the things that the might want to do / should be doing, but they get so frustrated that they eventually get to that world and realize that what they've been doing all along is receiving the planet's entertainment frequencies and it's all just a show? (Sorry, run-ons = excitement.)
This would be a great throwback to War of the Worlds! And quite in the vein of the show.

I'm already handling two eps, so someone else could do this if they wanted. If we're down to the capacity of active people that we'd have to take on three, I'd gladly do this one as well. ^_^

How is everyone else doing on their stories? I'm still trying to get ideas pinned down to get Cat back... but the other one just needs to get written. What about you?


ideas to bounce

I've been working on both of my episodes, but am hitting a couple snags.

First off, a few things about Catalina returning. I'm still trying to figure out what sort of explosion I should be dealing with in getting her back (and also whether an explosion is the only option). I was wondering if anyone had some ideas for it. I looked into implosions as an alternative, and that doesn't seem like it'd work. I also read about supernovae, and I'm not quite sure that the Christa would be able to withstand something like that... Perhaps a solar flare would work, but I'm not quite sure what sorts of peril that could throw the crew into other than the "too hot" thing that the comet did.
The thought of having an explosion on Yesnid might work as well as that whole "war in Suzee's world" idea, but the way that Yesnid comes across to me is someplace that doesn't have wars very often in favor of strong politics (but not necessarily peaceful ideologies).

Also, once Catalina gets back on the ship, would the Christa modify itself to make her a compost station? If so, what type? Two engineering stations, but different types? It seems like both of them at one station would be a lot... ooo, unless the station itself was made into a two-person ordeal.



Busy month

I'm just letting everyone know that I'm going to be really busy this month. I won't be able to be as active in the community this month as I would like. I'll still be working on the episode I'm working on. I will also drop by as often as I can to check up on any updates.

Posting outlines/drafts/pitches

I'd like to encourage everbody to post ideas for episodes even if you don't think you want to write that particular episode yourself.

Why? Because somebody may latch onto an idea and roll with it. We'll all be doing maybe a couple episodes, some of them will probably be written by one person and others by a collaboration between a couple or three. But we need those "plot bunnies" to get things going.

I'm just saying this because a lot of people are good writers but not necessarily great "idea" people, so if you think of anything - anything - that might work as an episode, go ahead and post it up.



I know telegramsam and I have discussed the possibility of having Cat back, but I was wondering if or when we were going to do so.

I think mid-season would work just so we have more than one sub-plot for the season. We can have the "bringing Cat back" arc in the first half and another one (like "Reaver! ohnoes!" or something) in the second. So what are everyone else's thoughts?

(I want to know what we're up to so that people know whether to write Cat in or not in their eps. I was hoping I could.)

Episode Idea+

So here's what I've got so far for a "filler" type episode.

The Casers end up landing on a small planet with two developing kingdoms. They are in the middle of a heated dispute regarding an artifact that the country and court of A claims was stolen by B. The heads of state, A a queen and B a king, are being pressured to declare war and it's up to the Casers to figure out where the artifact is before a war breaks out.
There are a lot of things that need to be worked out, a lot of whys and things like that, but I've figured out the twist at the end and I just need to get there in between. ^_^; Which is good for me.

Also, how long are these stories? I assume they're to fit a half-hour of TV, but is longer OK? I'm not going to write a movie but thirty-five minutes won't get me fired, will it?